Tae Kwon Do Testing Requirements

Promotion requirements for 3rd Gup (Blue Belt with brown stripe)


All previous requirements learned-to-date, plus:

1)  Poomsae:

Taegeuk Oh Jang


2)  Techniques:

Stances (Seogi):

Ready Stance (Pyonhi/Choonbi Seogi)

Long (Apkoobi)

Horse (Choochoom)

Back (Dwikoobe)

Attention (Moa) *heels touch at 45° angle

X-Stance (Koa)


Kicks for Sparring (Chagi):

Inside axe (An Chigu Chagi)

Outside axe (Bakat Chigu Chagi)

Front Snap Kick (Ap Chagi)

Roundhouse Kick (Dollyo Chagi)

Back Kick (Dui Chagi)

Side Kick (Yup Chagi)

Ax Kick (Chikyo Chagi)

Skip-up Roundhouse (**)


Blocks (Makki):

Knife hand in-to-out face (Jebipoom Hansonnal Eolgool Bakat Makki)

Palm pressing (Batangson Momtong Makki)

Wedge low (Hechyo Arae Makki)

Outward face (Bakat Palmok Eolgool Bakat Makki)


Footwork for Sparring:

Spider Step moving forward (Chun Jin Palo Lim)

Spider Step retreating (Whoo Jin Palo Lim)


3)  Self Defense:#1-#5

4)  1 Step Sparring: #1-#4

5)  Board Break (Kyuk Pa):

Ax Kick (Chikyo Chagi)

6)  Knowledge:

– All “knowledge” previously learned-to-date, plus:

– Count from 1 to 70, hana-ilhoon, in Korean Cardinal numbers

– Memorize the Student Creed


7) Sparring Demonstration


8) Demonstrate 5 block & punch/strike combinations (1 block & punch/strike per combination, must be 5 different blocks and punches/strikes) with Korean terminology in a straight line

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