Tae Kwon Do Testing Requirements

Promotion requirements for 9th Gup  (White Belt with yellow stripe)


All previous requirements learned-to-date, plus:

1)  Poomsae:

Kicho Il Bo (1st. Basic Form)

2) Techniques:                         

Stance (Seogi):

Attention (Charyut), Bow (Kyung Nea), Ready (Choonbi), Walking Stance (Ap Seogi), Long Stance (Apkoobie Seogi), Horse Stance (Choochoom Seogi), Prepare to Kick (Pal Chagi Choonbi), Charge (Chun Jin), Opposite Leg Charge (Ilbo Chun Jin)

Kicks (Chagi):

Front Snap Kick (Ap Chagi), Roundhouse Kick (Dollyo Chagi)

Blocks (Makki):

High/Face (Eolgool Makki), Middle/Body (Montong Makki), Low (Arae Makki)

Punches (Chireugi):

High/Face (Eolgool Chireugi), Middle/Body (Montong Chireugi), Low (Arae Chireugi)

3) 1 Step Sparring: #1 & #2

4)  Knowledge:

-Counting from 1 to 10, hana-yeol, in Korean Cardinal numbers.

-Korean term for Opening and Closing class procedures

-Korean term for Instructor (Sa Bo Nim)

-Korean term for “How are you?” (An young ha ship nika)

-Korean term for “Thank you very much.” (Go mop sum ni da)

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