Tae Kwon Do Testing Requirements

Promotion requirements for 1st Gup (Red Belt)


All previous requirements learned-to-date, plus:

1)  Poomsae:

Taegeuk Pal Jang, Taekquek #8 (also, Taegeuk 1-3)

2)  Techniques:

Stances (Seogi):

Ready Stance (Pyonhi/Choonbi Seogi)

Long (Apkoobi)

Back (Dwikoobe)

Tiger (Beom Seogi)


Kicks (Chagi):

Jumping back (Tio Mom Dollyo Dwi Chagi)

One-step advancing jumping back (Ilbo Chun Jin Tio Mom Dollyo Dwi Chagi)

Advancing “skip-up” roundhouse off back leg(Chun Jin Tio Dollyo Chagi)

Spin hook (Momdollyo Huryeo Chagi)

Front Snap Kick (Ap Chagi)

Roundhouse Kick (Dollyo Chagi)

Back Kick (Dui Chagi)

Side Kick (Yup Chagi)

Ax Kick (Chikyo Chagi)

Skip-up Roundhouse (Tio Dollyo Chagi)

Jump-flying Side Kick (Tio Yup Chagi)

Blocks (Makki):
Low “X” (Eotgeoreo Arae Makki)

Opposite augmented palm pressing body (Geodeureo Batangson Momtong Anmakki)

Opposite 45 palmpressing Body Block (Batangson Montong Makki)

Scissor (Gawi Makki)

Knifehand Low Block (Doo Sonnal Arae Makki)

Wedge body (Hechyo Momtong Makki)

Double knife hand low (Doo Sonnal Arae Makki)

Single Knifehand Side (Hansonnal Montong Makki)

3)  Board Break (Kyuk Pa):

3 breaks: Double Front Snap Kick (Doobaldangsung Apchagi), Roundhouse Kick (Dollyo Chagi), Jump Back Kick (Tio Dwi Chagi)

4)  Self-Defence:    #1- #8

5)  1 Step Sparring:  #1- #4             

6) Ground Defense: rollover, kick away on hip & escape & Reach up and twist neck and Pull hair roll

7)  Knowledge:

 – All “knowledge” previously learned-to-date

– Count 1- 100, hana-Bek (beck), in Korean

– Know names of body parts: Neck (Mok), Fist (Jumeok), Murup (Knee), Elbow (Palkoop)

8)  Sparring Demonstration

9) Demonstrate 9 block & punch/strike combinations (must write out and turn in prior to class) with Korean terminology in a straight line

10) Sets of hundreds of punches




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