Dan Boyle

Chief Instructor

Tae Kwon Do is an Olympic sport. It is often called Korean Karate. This 2000 year old art form respects the traditional past but relates to today’s youth.

You will learn kicking and punching techniques, Poomses (forms), self-defense, basic Korean terminology, drills and sparring. As a traditional art form, you will learn respect, discipline, honor, and self control.

Tae Kwon Do and Judo are the only two martial arts in the Olympics. If you are military and are relocated you should be able to join any WTF-Olympic style sparring program in the world. Tae Kwon Do is the most practiced martial art is America/world.

We develop our students physically and mentally to ensure each student reaches his/her full potential. As student’s skill sets improve (they are eligible for belt promotions) we insist that both the parents and teachers sign a promotion form stating that the child has been listening and behaving well at home and school. We believe in working with the parents to develop our students. The skills they learn, such as balance, coordination, and self esteem will help them in any other sport or endeavor.

Additionally, we create proficiency levels so that your child won’t feel over overwhelmed and that their experience will be positive and FUN!!


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