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“It is so much more than learning Tae Kwon Do. They learn discipline, strength, flexibility all while having a great time.” -Angela Stanley

“This place is where children learn discipline, respect, self control, good manners, confidence etc. This is a perfect way to make our children grow!!! thanks for everything you do everyday for my kids Dan!” -Luva Ortega Arochi

Since our son first started attending classes with CTC, we have noticed a substantial improvement in both his confidence and self-control.

Dan Boyle and his well-trained CTC staff do an excellent job at ensuring their students experience not only a safe and informative learning environment, but a fun one as well. He is exceptional at working with children and getting them to work through their difficulties. He teaches them not the importance of being perfect, rather how to deal with the stresses of failure and to succeed under pressure.

Students at CTC maintain a sharper focus, confidence, and resilience. They understand how to maintain their level of mental toughness and utilize proper stress reactions to optimize their performance for success.

The lessons a student receives at CTC are not only lessons of self-defense, but life lessons which will ultimately set the students up for success in whichever endeavor they choose to pursue in the future.” -Robert Stella

“It is a very friendly environment, the classes are great in all levels” -Gabriela Corriere

“My son Diego is very happy here. I love that he exercises, and that he has fun at the same time!” -Mane Pasquel

“It is good discipline, workout, and socialization for the kids. Thank you so much for taking care of our kids.” -Claudia Zabaneh


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